This will be G.O.A.T connector!!

DG 15Aug22 - Opened Action item to "recruit Peter into the Finance advisory board."

DG 15Aug22 - Sent message to Toby to inquire whether he has provided Fusion feedback, or to see if I can help open a feedback item for the Planning feature set requested by customer.

Agree - much needed

This feature would be super useful! Please make it happen.

Yes ! This is a very much required feature!


I just did a subscription and I was totally suprised to receive the whole report.

Totally useless to not subscribe to a bookmark, who want the rport not filtered, 1% of use cases ?.

As this is the only option under "Advanced", and is so useful, please just make it visible and accessible to all!

I just had to create 70 gateway connections manually just because this feature is missing. AGONIZING!!!

I would think this should be a setting/property for the Date Slicer. I need to change Date Slicer to show Saturday as Start of the Week - make the start of week day 0-7, similar to the function in Excel.