Pretty sure this is done now... need to close this request...

DG 19Aug22 - What is the best way to escalate this feedback and concern to Karthick?

Is this for Power BI Desktop or the Power BI Service (Reports and app)?

Wow this was entered a LONG time ago and hasn't got any traction... I can't tell you how many times I accidentally forgot to hold CTRL when clicking a bar, or miss the back and click the open space instead which resets a whole lot of stuff and I have to start over. Almost makes me want to use my reports in the desktop app instead of online... because at least the desktop app will let me undo!

I'm upvoting this because I agree that transparency is needed.

Case, TrackingID# 2208040030002218, I raised when our UAT and Production systems both started encountering errors one day despite us not making any related code/configuration changes in either environment, I eventually narrowed it down to a flight that via the case, I was informed that "...I have received feedback from our engineering team, this flight InventCountCreateUseItemBaseTasksFlight has been disabled in last night as we enable it by mistake in last day for all customers..."

So the flight was unknowingly changed for all customers with no notification of either the initially mistake, nor the resolution.

The problem affected us more that most customers I assume because we had customizations around the area where the flight involved affected functionality, but it's scary that our production environments can be changed without our knowledge, and no way short of going through the support process to learn what was done.

This is not the first time we've had issues related to flights, and had concern over visibility.

When I asked "Is there any way we can find out when these kinds of changes are being made to our environments, to make it easier to identify the probable causes of resulting issues?", the response was that's a current limitation and to submit the request here on the Ideas site, but I figure it's better to vote up this existing one than to create what would essentially be a duplicate.

Need this for:

  1. Development and testing so I can reduce the data set size for better performance
  2. To work around the long query string issue (instead of GET, can a POST be used?)

It would appear (but I have not tried this out), that it should be possible to use Power Automate to extract the data from a data set and then load into Salesforce.

This will certainly be helpful. It's a basic feature available in MicroStrategy and Tableau as far as I know. Current videos in the community show painful workarounds to insert fake measures and turn auto width off.

Would be helpful when you have a measure coded and then you can set the visual output text to change color as needed - similar to this text box. Please push through...

This is an awesome idea! I'm facing some hurdles right now that will be solved by this feature if available.