I wounder why this feature is not there yet. This feature is a necessity. Also instead of making us putting measure into a fake table, it would useful to make a separate section in the fields panel for measures.

I'm finding myself spending a fair bit of time updating all of my bookmarks to hide new visuals when I add them to my report. As I create more and more bookmarks, I'm spending more and more time hiding new visuals. It's busy work, and it's a bummer. I'd really love to be able to set the visibility of a visual across all bookmarks.

Report name would also be helpful. As integration with other tools expands, PowerBI can now reach out to other services and needs to be able to identify itself in a meaning way. Who is the caller? We can't present that with an out-of-the-box feature.

This is a critical feature, especially for visuals such as a map, where you do not want to see everything broken out until a user drills down, but it is redundant to have to both select an area, then drill down on the map. Let's get this feature up voted!

To customize the navigation pane, there needs to be a separate way to control visibility in the navigation pane menu vs preventing access by Audience.

Yes need a way to control visibility of content in the navigation pane vs denying access to content by Audience.

Yes, please add this functionality.

That would be indeed a much appreciated feature! We invest a lot of time and resources to document our data corpus properly and this would connect it end to end with the report consumers!

I agree this issue needs to be addressed... There should be a simple slider in the visual settings allowing you to change the variance of the bubble size

It would be great to add a border to a specific column to visually group columns