Our DBA only wants us posting PBIT files into devops due to potential GDPR Issues. So the facility to convery PBIT to PBIX and vice versa on the fly would be beneficial

It's a common need to close the tax period after the VAT declaration is prepared and posted.

Similar features exist for Czech Republic and Italy where we can set the period to "Closed' on Sales tax settlement periods form and after that user is not able to post tax transaction with Date of VAT register in that period.

Hi Team,

Please help to find the issue for clearing searched text in slicer using bookmarks. It is very confusing to the users and it is big issue.

Please let me know if this can be fixed in upcoming updates

Increased/improved visualization and management for day to day planning is needed.

The gantt chart is a great addition but the concept could be developed further to improve production floor planning and management.

How can Excel and most other BI tools have this ability but Power BI is too advanced for this feature? Honestly get it together!

Really, tremendously important in Semantik modelling

This would definitely resolve a lot of issues relating to multiple currencies per Job as well.

Yes, please add this functionality ASAP.

We need this . . . Otherwise we are forced to use a Power Automate flow to redirect users to the company's access website . . .

FYI, I just found that in Business Central 2022 Wave 1, Microsoft added a "Open full list" link.