I do agree with the points shared by Frans and J├╝rgen. Even if this idea is already outstanding for quite a long time it's still very hard to sell to customers that the base shipment consolidation policy does not take the ship date into account. Although workarounds exist each of these workarounds do still have serious limitations in my opinion.

I agree with Thomas, this would save a lot of time. Some customers find the ClickDimensions feature so useful that they rather continue using ClickDimensions then move to Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Just what we're missing in our project. This is a thing we would need for a lot of Retailers with inhouse Logistics

It is necessary to have traceability of a sales or purchase order (filed or not), in which delivery note it has been sent and in which invoice it has been invoiced.


thanks you

Juan Megias.

I would like to be able to recreate animations and transitions like this in Power BI - https://dribbble.com/shots/3727269-Sci-fi-Dashboard-Shot#

Wow yeah, I was hoping someone made an idea for this. Its driving me nuts. It's so random whether it uses the fully qualified measure names or not. Never ever do I want this PowerBI!

Really bad when intellisense is teaching you to write poor DAX :(

I need this, thank you :)

Definitly a good idea - I'm waiting for it...

The same issue occurs for Swiss addresses.

There is the possibility to change the control of the field to format the address to a specific country, but then all addresses are formatted like this.

Dynamics CRM 2016 (8.2) formatted the address according to the country, without the need to change the control.

So definitely a vote from me.

We are starting to implement some basic source control on pbix report files that are separated from the dataset. We are ready for source control at any level. Of course we want version control integrated with the pbi service for dataflows and datasets too.