The bookmark feature looks great. Would it be useful if there is added functionality which allows subscriptions to be on bookmarks for a report? Attachments: MergeStatus.txt (0.22KB) MergeStatus.txt (0.18KB) MergeStatus.txt (0.17KB)
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Subscribing that only allows for the default report to be sent limits the potential of the feature. Since we normally develop reports for multiple users, they may only want to see data relevant to their specific scope rendering the subscriptions impractical.

This issue would be resolved with the implementation of the ability to subscribe to specific bookmarks in the report, rather than just the default view.

This is still very much needed, I have to create individual reports if I want to subscribe to filtered data which is a pain!

This would be really handy. We have several sites at our company, and if I could specify filters and/or book-marks on a per-subscription basis, I could take care of everyone's needs with a single report without them having to filter.

I think the status "Need votes" is not correct??

Because there are more than 1000 votes from the merged idea 

"Allow subscriptions to personal bookmarks"

Please update votes from the merged idea !!!

This is an important feature !

this idea was merged with Microsoft Idea (powerbi.com) which already has 1087 votes. Why this one has only ~400?

We need this feature badly. Without this, the subscription is not very useful. People are mostly not interested in the complete report, but only in the parts of their bookmark with specific filters applied!

There is more than one idea here on the forums for this, merged, but the votes were not merged. We have a lot of votes for this topic, more than 1.5k! Please add this to your timeline!

Without the ability to use bookmarks for scheduled reports, we are looking at having to create multiple versions (up to 70 for some reports!) of the same report to match functionality that users are used to from our previous reporting platform - creating a significant, unnecessary administrative burden.

This feature is essential for large organisations.

Subscribing to a report not that useful.
Subscribing to emails of bookmarked views/filters would be very useful.

It would be very useful to our users if they could subscribe to their own personal bookmarks that they create from a report.