The bookmark feature looks great. Would it be useful if there is added functionality which allows subscriptions to be on bookmarks for a report?
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This functionality has shipped! See the blog post for more details: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/blog/subscribe-to-a-report-with-filters-applied/

Please enable end-users to subscribe to a bookmarked view.

So needed - please

should have been made years ago.

I would even add a subscription to multiple or all bookmarks of a report. Example, I a have a report with about 10 bookmarks for differents departments. I'd really like to merge them inside one PDF automatically. This would be really helpful for our team!

Similar to "chat in teams" to send a link, but this would take care of the last mile and not be as clunky.

This would be very beneficial on so many levels. A custom bookmark sent with a screen shot to email subscribers would be amazing!

Very useful feature to send different visions of the report to different stakeholders

This scenario has been requested from the sales department several times. The colleagues are entitled to a country, but want to receive automated information every morning only for a certain region. The colleagues have created a bookmark of this, but the automated report includes all authorisations.
This feature would be very helpful.

They will not add this because you can do all this with Power Automate if you pay more money to get to a higher level subscription. Its all about money, not about them being clueless about what features to offer people. They are clueless enough already. You are supposed to pay $5000 per month for the premium tier so you can schedule a report to export. Even then, its not really "exporting" the report as you cannot export a Power BI report. PDF will give you a screenshot of each tab and if you have a big table, it wont scroll down. Export to excel doesnt even exist. It shows what Power BI really is when they cannot even export to excel which microsoft ownes when EVERY other BI tool does this and has done it for decades. SSRS couldn't do this either. The concept of tabs in SSRS never existed. People have these crazy work arounds for everything because the Power BI is massively lacking.

As part of our migration from Tableau to Power BI this is one of the key major negatives we are getting feedback on from our end users.

Unbelievable it's not an implemented feature in Power BI. It's very useful!!

Hope it's in PBI roadmap and implements asap