The bookmark feature looks great. Would it be useful if there is added functionality which allows subscriptions to be on bookmarks for a report? Attachments: MergeStatus.txt (0.22KB) MergeStatus.txt (0.18KB) MergeStatus.txt (0.17KB)
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This would be great, especially with new feature to personalize a published visual! This way they can make a bookmark of their personalization and subscribe to it. Thank you!

This feature is prerequisite for Subscription to become a game-changer!

This is a great feature, please consider to implement this on priority. cheers!

This would be the best feature for report users. Power BI is supposed to facilitate the user experience and the report builder's too. This is a win-win. Report builders don't have to duplicate (and maintain) separate pages for people (like directors and VPs) when a simple slicer and a bookmark can do it.

It is one of the most necessary features to help people to use PBI

This is a great suggestion!

Please consider this as a priority. We have a number of users who require custom filter selections for a report to be meaningful and executives would prefer to have that custom report delivered to their email through the subscribe feature. Current feature is very limited in ability to deploy without recognizing custom filters set at time of subscription. Thanks!

This is actually a big deal. I'm leading a movement away from spreadsheets and I need the user to receive their data in their mailbox automatically. It's the biggest selling point to point them back into Power BI by clicking the link embedded into it. On a global scale, I can't expect them to filter it down themselves as their personal sales might represent a very small minority of the global aggregate. Please do this soon.

'@PowerBi admins, this Idea is very good Option to be deployed

This would be really useful for me. Being able to do this on a standard bookmark would be useful, but obviously a personalised one would be even better. Chop chop.