The bookmark feature looks great. Would it be useful if there is added functionality which allows subscriptions to be on bookmarks for a report? Attachments: MergeStatus.txt (0.22KB) MergeStatus.txt (0.18KB) MergeStatus.txt (0.17KB)
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For organizations looking to use Power BI as a complete reporting solutions, the ability to customize email subscription filters and RLS for users are a definitely need.

I really need this! Not switching over from Tableau until this is available.

This feature is an absolute must have, if MS is really serious about Subscriptions as a feature.

We need this feature!

Need this real bad. Crazy have to create separate data set for same data but basically with a different filter(s)

Please add this feature - it is highly needed!

Pls add this feature
It enables users to use standard reports filtered to their own responsibility.

We really need this very soon...

Would be really awesome to have it!!! It would drastically reduce the need to create different page where the only difference between them are the different filters.

This feature is very needed. Currently I am creating multiple copies of 1 report and changing their default view to achieve this but it is not a good practice.