Paginated reports - please make it available in Pro as well as Premium .. thank you
Under Review
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Thanks for the feedback and your vocal support about it! This is under discussion, so please keep voting this up and providing the feedback/examples of why this is so important to you and your organization.


PowerBI needs pixel-perfect reporting as part of the Pro license

Needed in my org as well as only have around 50 consumers of the reports so the uplift from changing from 50x Pro licenses to a 1x PowerBI Premium and 5 x Pro licenses is way too much. It's a shame that the capabilities to make data available are being handcuffed by only thinking about organisations with hundreds of users.

We will not move to Power BI until this has been done. Thousands of other users are not moving to Power BI Online for this same reason. Microsoft is completely ignoring small to medium sized businesses.

Don't do this. I already have Premium. Focus on DARK THEME instead. Yeah DARK THEME!!!

Likewise, Power BI premium is too expensive for our company as we don't have many reports. One good solution for us would be to be able to run paginated reports from Power BI embedded resource which would be a more manageable cost.

This is so much important to move forward with power bi.

Without this power bi pro is useless.

We are looking to deploy this, as a small business, we have invested in Pro licenses for our users, but our operations group is only about 30 people, and premium is simply cost prohibitive. Saw this in a post by Christopher Finlan:
"Though we don’t yet have support to publish Paginated Reports back to non-premium Power BI workspaces in the service, we are still encouraging all Power BI authors to download and use Power BI Report Builder and take advantage of the capabilities the tool offers locally."
The *yet* is encouraging, but a timeline would be ideal. We are hoping to migrate our SSRS reporting to Power BI, but not being able to publish Paginated Reports is a deal-killer.

This is SORELY needed for medium/small businesses to fully transition from other BI reporting tools - like Micro strategy. Executives require standard reports in print ready format, not everything can be consumed online only. Please make this available to power bi PRO users.

I am super excited about BI's nimbleness and advance analytics which, as a small business, allow us vie for market share against larger, more resource-rich competitors. But now I'm starting to wonder if Microsoft is creating walls keeping out small business - for example, charging $5000 for access to paginated report printing, a feature built into every other Microsoft tool - and Tableau, Domo and others for that matter. And I can understand and appreciate Microsoft's push to a paper-less world, but then why offer printing at all? Or if you want to keep people in the "garden", why offer PDF exports at all? It's such a ridiculous feature to keep away from small businesses, especially in view of this vociferous complaints from your community. And at a time like this when the country is rallying around small business, it seems off-brand for Microsoft to be so stubborn about this feature.