Paginated reports - please make it available in Pro as well as Premium .. thank you
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Thank you for the vocal support around this option!  We are pleased to make available paginated reports on a per user basis with the new Premium per user option announced at Ignite 2020 in September.  The public preview of this new offering is coming soon available at no cost throughout the preview period.  To register for priority access to the preview, please visit the following post to learn more - https://powerbi.microsoft.com/blog/priority-access-sign-up-for-power-bi-premium-per-user-public-preview-now-available/


I agree with this comment "Unfortunately creating a new paid for Premium user licence to get paginated reports does not solve the requested item for it to be available to premium license users, therefore I do not consider this activity as PLANNED." Adding a Premium per user option is not adding it to Pro. Why would Pro (meaning professional) not include the basic value of a paginated report? I agree with the other comment that not including it will make people choose other products. Again you've shown why it has been so hard for me to get my company's management on board with fully using your reporting products (SSRS and now this one). Sad but true. Guess I will have to learn the other reporting tools they've been pushing me to use.

Unfortunately creating a new paid for Premium user licence to get paginated reports does not solve the requested item for it to be available to premium license users, therefore I do not consider this activity as PLANNED.

We need Paginated Reports for Power BI Embedded with the lower capacity SKUs such as A1 and A2 as well. Our usage doesn't warrant paying for A4 capacity, which is now required to get Paginated Reports. So we would need to pay substantially more just to get Paginated Reports. That forces us to host SSRS on premise, which adds complexity and gap in integration.

Please, please, please! Having a hybrid SSRS & PowerBI setup sucks. We want to move with the times. Please add this to the Pro licence.

For Paginated Reports to have the same ability / functionality as PowerBI Pro, is a small ask.
Initially I thought this would be such a great solution in our company, but then that price !!! It is incomprehensible to have such a massive price difference.

Now I am forced to look for an alternative solution and I am guessing that we are one of many companies that are willing to pay even double the pro license just to have the Paginated Reports capabilities and ability to publish to the Service. But it is going to cost us a 1000 times more to just to have that ability.

This is bot feasible at this point and the hunt for an affordable Report authoring tool continues.... ;-(

Feature is required for Pro users as alternative products are being used by organisations which is a shame. The pricing gap is far too large to contemplate and does not stack up so it is a no brainer that customers and organisations use other reporting options.

So this idea was submitted on 11/8/2018. We are coming up on its 2-year anniversary and it is still "Under Review".

What is Microsoft's official response to this? It's either in the plan or not. Companies need clear direction so they can make decisions on reporting tools and purchases.

I was watching a Microsoft-sponsored training channel and once again they posted the Power BI Product Portfolio listing Report Builder as a "Free paginated report authoring tool" side-by-side with Power BI Premium, for "Large scale deployments." Apparently the only time you need paginated reports is in a large scaled deployment with dedicated capacity. The marketing team needs to check the accuracy of their material...

Power BI printing functionality is very limited. If there is a table that demands scrolling, not all data is printed at the moment.

Paginated reports would solve that issue.

This is a feature gap for Power BI Pro users.
We have to use Excel for this which makes no sense.
Please make this available.

It's not just Enterprise that needs pixel perfect reports.

Please make this available in Pro licensing!!
Pro $15 p.m. vs premium $ 4.5k p.m ?! Just Not feasible ..

Data displayed on a visual vs paginated is just rendering ? Same data ..

Cost should be about compute power which is cheap nowadays..

Love power bi! Please include rendering for paginated reports ASAP


Power BI Pro should incorporate the ability to print and share detailed high quality reports. It is not feasible for small, medium or non profit organisations to spend big dollars on this.