The stock or simple filter has a "Selection Control" section under format that allows the user to designate whether the filter can be used to select a single or multiple items, as well as, a select all option.

This formatting option is not available for the new downloadable custom visual called the "Hierarchical Slicer". Without this option it forces the user to either use the stock filter with the hierarchical slicer or spend A LOT of time creating additional layers (columns/relationships) in the data in order to present it in the desired format. This would be a great improvement.

Power BI's ability to adapt and listen to its consumer is what will set it apart from the competition. Keep creating new custom visuals to make me look good. Thanks!
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Hi Ben,

Thanks for the feedback. I was not aware of your idea on PowerBi.com and therefor the delay in reaction. The current version (0.7.3) supports the 'single-select' option to be turned of for all hierarchies. And I will implement a 'select all' option as part of the next version.

Thanks, Jan Pieter
(author of the custom visual HierarchySlicer)