Like other visual editing packages, would be good if it was possible to drag and select multiple visuals.
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We've implemented this as of April 2020!

Power BI Desktop April 2020 Feature Summary | Microsoft Power BI Blog | Microsoft Power BI


Been wanting to do this since day 1 for me - it takes forever to just drag one object at a time to a specific location. Here's hoping this gets added as a new feature.

To echo all comments since December 06, 2016: this!

Please add this, it is so basic.. and frustrating to not have it....

Lack if this feature is killing me.
LIke are we in 1991 or something?

Need this asap.

This needs to be implemented !! I have loads of visuals on a page and having to manually select them one by one is painful.

Please, we need this. I am wasting hours of my life trying to select and move multiple items. it shouldn't be this difficult!

Why has this not been implemented yet???? It's almost 3 years old this request!

Especially for labels and bookmarks! I have so many to select and move at once, and every time I CTRL+ click on a bookmark, it takes me to the page instead of letting me select it to move.

This would speed things up.