Give users the ability to set a theme (either an out-of-the-box or custom theme) as their default for all reports created in Power BI Desktop.

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A dedicated place to set defaults for all Power Bi visuals. If I always want my titles to be 15pt font, and my general font to be 12 pt, I currently have to set on each visual. Attachments: MergeStatus.txt (0.17KB) MergeStatus.txt (0.21KB) MergeStatus.txt (0.18KB)
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It would be useful for organisations to be able to implement a corporate style in Power BI. This includes setting the font style, font size and default colours. It should be simple to apply the style to reports that are loaded into the Power BI service for the organisation or developed in PBI developer for the organisation.

Provide the ability to change the default font family. I want Arial, but have to change every piece of every visual individually.

Yes...THIS. ALL of this. It's a colossal time eater.

Saving custom colors too. Whenever I want to use brand colors I have to type them in or select something that already has that color so that it will appear in my palette.

Not only the default, but how about a way of changing all fonts on a report?

Please implement a way to change the defaults.. no one over the age of 40 can possibly easily read 8pt font.. I have to change EVERY bi I create..

Set default by visual and if you change anything all pages that report update

Yet another reason I continue to use Excel as my primary reporting UI. 20 years of a mature UI, well worked out with years of revisions.

I would also like to see report themes expanded to allow placement of custom graphics and text, such as corporate logos or identifying footnotes, on the report surface so they are in a consistent location every time a new report is created. This is similar to PowerPoint templates, which have supported this for many years.

Would be a great addition