Give users the ability to set a theme (either an out-of-the-box or custom theme) as their default for all reports created in Power BI Desktop.

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A dedicated place to set defaults for all Power Bi visuals. If I always want my titles to be 15pt font, and my general font to be 12 pt, I currently have to set on each visual.
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It would be great to have the possibility to apply its own theme from PBI service while creating a report from there

It will be really useful to have possibility to select the default Theme (.json) and background image for the Power BI Platforme and desktop

it's a greats idea . We need more : Set a default custom Theme across the organization for dashboard and reports. For we sur all reports respect the branding Theme of the compagny .

Agree! Need the ability to set the default theme across the organization, both for PBI service and desktop.

Now that themes are out of preview and the Product Team has included themes in the Desktop tool the next thing to add to this is to have a section for organization approved themes. Since many companies have branding guidelines this would be an easy way for admins to load these themes and allow end users to pick from them to create consistency.

I want my custom Report Theme to be applied to all reports created by all users in the Power BI Service. So that our Reports/Dashboards have a look and feel that is consistent and that matches our company branding.

I even found that when I Publish from Desktop to Service with a custom Report Theme ... then create a new Report in the Service based on the Dataset I Published ... it does not apply the Report Theme from the .PBIX file that I had Published.

As an administrator of the system, allow setting standard corporate themes to all users, including for Desktop version.

Why can't Power BI just let us edit the 'Default' Theme?

If this was possible it would solve so many problems like the default text being too small. What a waste of time to have to change it every time for every visual.

People have different ideas of what looks right for them and should be able to customise defaults...like they can in every other program...

Would greatly help to provide consistency throughout the whole organization. Changes in theme would not have to be announced, it would just happen.

Yes please, we are already able to do this with Power BI embedded. We should be able to change the default theme for the organization, maybe at a workspace level and at an organization level. And when creating a report in PBI Desktop, when you are logged in with your organizational account, the organizational theme should be automatically applied.