Give users the ability to set a theme (either an out-of-the-box or custom theme) as their default for all reports created in Power BI Desktop.

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A dedicated place to set defaults for all Power Bi visuals. If I always want my titles to be 15pt font, and my general font to be 12 pt, I currently have to set on each visual.
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We have established brand standards for fonts and colors. Manually having to change dashboards so they have a consistent look is time-consuming and error-prone.

Please yes, include this. My company has branding guidelines and changing the font where it occurs in each visual is burdensome.

This would be extremely useful. My native language has accented latin characters In the current default font they do not exist. So I end up with oversized accented characters on every new visual. Having ability to change the default would be amazing. Or simply MS could change that default DIN family, which is terribly poor... Or include accented characters into it. Calibri font has them covered well...

I concur with the sentiments/feedback from my peers on this topic. We currently have the ability for the custom theme/fonts for our corporate standard to work on the Power BI Desktop which does not work on the Power BI cloud service even though we have purchased Premium Capacity to allow for some customizations.

Most PBI Users work for a company. Many companies have Brand Standards that require certain fonts, colors, etc. to be used. I'm very surprised that this isn't yet a capability with PBI to set defaults. It would make it so much easier for Users to align with their company's standards without having to individually change each and every visual.

Please update to set up default font function

We have created a custom theme for our organization, and we must import it every time we start a new report.

Really strange to see such an option absent

Branding is wildly important and having the ability to set font and certain color defaults would be very helpful.

How is this not already possible? Modifying the JSON file is confusing and difficult.