Give users the ability to set a theme (either an out-of-the-box or custom theme) as their default for all reports created in Power BI Desktop.

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A dedicated place to set defaults for all Power Bi visuals. If I always want my titles to be 15pt font, and my general font to be 12 pt, I currently have to set on each visual. Attachments: MergeStatus.txt (0.17KB) MergeStatus.txt (0.21KB) MergeStatus.txt (0.18KB)
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Huge amount of time wasted while default font size NEVER fits our needs and then I have to change it for each element (headers, vaues...) in each visual.

I've arranged our Report Server to have main folders for different organizations we support. They all have different branding but since Power BI Report Server only has 1 brand setting, none of our organizations can has their specific logo or colours.

Allowing users to determine default font for visuals would be a great enhancement.

This would surely be must for an application deployed in a corporate environment. +1 - please add this feature.

Color Themes. All visualization Revert to default.
Overwrite all manual setting.

Colors can be controlled in the JSON file but font size and type alone would be a huge benefit! Then even better to differentiate headers.

I had the same issue and now wanting to update a theme is causing more issues without a way to update themes for reports created in PowerBI service.

Yes please!!! Let us set our default font type, size, color, etc.. very time consuming to change every visual

I was looking for a solution for this problem because we want to implement this on my company for all the Power Bi users. It would be a great improvement.

This is terrible weakness from Micro$oft not having this feature available