I'd like to turn off power bi mobile access. I don't want some of my employees using powerBI on mobile devices.
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Microsoft Intune enables organizations to manage devices and applications. The Power BI mobile applications, for iOS and Android, integrate with Intune to allow you to manage the application on your devices, and to control security. Find more details here: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/powerbi-admin-mobile-intune/


This would be a nice setting. For now I think there is a work-around: configure for each tab the phone view. And in the phone view you only show a logo, a title or a blank image. You have to do that for each tab. And one more thing: in options for this report, switch off the possibility for Q&A.

The provided solution only addresses corporate devices managed by intune. We need a solution to disable sign in to the mobile app from personal cell phones.

'@Romi Koifman is there any solution since this conversation so an IT department can bar company data from being cached on personal devices via the power bi mobile app?

Hi Romi, is there any update on this? I understand that the MDM option works for corporate phones, but is there anything that will prevent a user from logging into Power BI mobile on a non corporate device? Is there a way to get an 'alerts' when a user logs into a new device and/or see a list of devices that they have logged into?

Romi, this limits the applicability of adoption to only those organizations that use intune as their mdm. While I appreciate the interconnectedness the reality is that there are companies out there that will wish to adopt powerbi but not intune. Having this control within powerbi makes more sense for those organizations.

Hi Romi,

Thanks for your response, but unfortunately the solution still doesn't allow companies to limit PowerBI access to managed devices only. Sidesteping this measure is as easy as using the standard AppStore app from a non-controlled device.

Hi Romi,

thanks for your respond. I'm aware of Intune as MDM. However, the problem is Enterprise environment such as Bank. They want to make sure that their users will unable to download Power BI mobile via App Store or Play Store, otherwise it still risk for them when user lost their mobile.

in the case that user lost their mobile, we need to find the way to disable their access to company information.

This is also a very important request for us, probably will mean the difference between a go and no-go for power-bi at our organization

In general, Microsoft needs to be a little more mindful of how their products impact the customer's IT dept. If I can't shut off mobile access, I might not be able to get Power BI approved. We need control.