It would be great if Grand Totals on a Matrix or Table would add up correctly to the sum of the rows when you include MEASURES in the visual. Currently the total on a measure consists of the measure function itself, instead of the sum of the rows above. PLEASE give us the option to toggle totals to be a simple aggregate of the rows above also.
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Moving this idea to "under review" to mark that discussions are underway. For full transparency, we have started working on DAX calculations at the visual level. That feature will make changes that will serve as building blocks for other features, including but not limited to the one discussed in this idea: providing more flexibility for influencing what is shown on the total: the visual total, the "DAX" total, or another expression altogether.

Hence, the delivery of this Idea will be dependent on the DAX-calculations-on-a-visual feature.

YAY! I`m a newb but immediately I felt matrix Totals are worthless to the untrained end user, a total is a total of a column for any excel user. Thanks for working on this.

PLEASE PLEASE get this done! Trying to always do a workaround for something as simple as this is extremely inconvenient!!!

It's been 5 years since idea was brought up, I think it's time ⌚

It is unfortunate that this is a blatant problem for Measures in Power BI. This should be addressed ASAP; it can be a deterrent for wider adoption of your platform.

Even without measure, the sum is still incorrect for all the rows. Please fix this issue

I see it no like just a sum, but optional aggregation type (SUN, AVG..., NoAggregation for measure subtotals with NoAggregation option by default for backward compatibility.

This wouldn't really change my life at all.

Vote 867.

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I think this is silly and would downvote it if I could. If your measure doesn't give you what you want on the totals row, then you're using the wrong measure. The solution is to rewrite the measure rather than having two separate behaviours for totals in tables/matrices.