It would be great if Grand Totals on a Matrix or Table would add up correctly to the sum of the rows when you include MEASURES in the visual. Currently the total on a measure consists of the measure function itself, instead of the sum of the rows above. PLEASE give us the option to toggle totals to be a simple aggregate of the rows above also.
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Moving this idea to "under review" to mark that discussions are underway. For full transparency, we have started working on DAX calculations at the visual level. That feature will make changes that will serve as building blocks for other features, including but not limited to the one discussed in this idea: providing more flexibility for influencing what is shown on the total: the visual total, the "DAX" total, or another expression altogether.

Hence, the delivery of this Idea will be dependent on the DAX-calculations-on-a-visual feature.

Why does something logical needs time to be available?? Please make the necessary, thanks in advance.

Inforiver provides you options to configure totals the way you want, out of the box. Totals can be aggregated easily using the option - Row Aggregation Type. Learn more in this blog.

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I don't know @Jeroen ter Heerdt, I specifically asked that question regarding visual calculations fixing measure totals and was told something different.

It can be readily demonstrated that, for example, a displayed row total is not always the sum of displayed row values. There can be no justification for this. An example of this behavior is available on request.

In SSAS in Excel it is possible in a pivot table to show "Visual Total" and not the total (Total). It's currently not possible in tables/matrix in Power Pivot - and should be...

I would the possibility to define the Total behavior in a Table or in a Matrix for the measures.
Currently Power BI is using the Measure in the total with a different filter context that can bring to wrong totals.

This "issue" could be solved with the possibility to set a different measure for the Total, or better have a property that calculate the real sum of values of each row of the table (instead of apply the measure with another filter context)

Add an option to select how a total of a matrix should be calculated within a measurement. By SUM the underlying values, AVERAGE or by calculating based on the measurement itself.

A lot of my reports are based on low-structure data that is calculated to higher levels. But the current total mitigates values with more complex and deep calculation.

Using Totals value of a Visualization in Measure column