This would be such a help when working on the design of a dashboard. It's so frustrating accidentally clicking the wrong object and having it move. I really hope this is something the Power BI team can implement!

I wanted to embed the report in SharePoint. Very excited to get it working, however nobody can see the Tabs unless they know to scroll up and down. Very disappointing. Perhaps a SharePoint solution that would move the tabs?

We have reports in Tableau, Qlikview and PowerBI in our org. Making the manipulation of data more agile in PowerBI will drive more users towards this tool for data analysis.

DG 30Sept22 - Assigned case to SA to set up meeting to share info on DAMS /SQL. 

This is an essential element when it comes to India localization. For all practical purposes, GST ID (or GST invoice number) is used. For every transaction relating to customer, be it invoice, payment, settlement or reconciliation GST ID is the basis. I am not sure the reason for not prioritizing this requirement by MS. If not done sooner, customers will be required to do the customization and and they will not be able to keep the solution Evergreen.

DG 30Sept22 - Customer concerns were answered and addressed by FT team during session, who this showed value of the Pulse Sessions by addressing the dissatisfied sentiments.  No Pulse action required.

DG 30Sept22 - SA tagged positive.  No Pulse action required.

DG 30Sept22 - Action is with customer to provide more detail on recent examples and tickets to FT team.

should be done already!

Microsoft, you have been reviewing request for 3 years now? Wow!!