See https://medium.com/bi-helper/automated-distribution-of-power-bi-reports-and-dashboards-25fde6c68af0 for a fully automated report bursting solution.

To set filter, slicer and email values dynamically, see this option with Power Automate + Power BI Pro. https://medium.com/bi-helper/burst-your-power-bi-reports-838ab593f7bc

Agreed. Required for purchase returns so they can be handled the same as sales shipments when shipping from warehouse documents.

This would be a huge improvement. Any individual field changes on a visual mean I have to remember to hide the field on the visual filters. Having all those filters unnecessarily are really confusing for end users.

DG 29Sept22 - Feedback item submitted previously by SA.

DG 29Sept22 - Positive customer sentiment.  No action required.

DG 29Sept22 - Opened case for SA for manufacturing review.

DG 29Sept22 - Customer deployment update.  No action required.

DG 29Sept22 - Status update from customer.  No action called out by SA, and considering rest of his session, he has addressed things he hasn't tagged.  No Pulse action required.

DG 29Sept22 - Customer status update and sentiments.

DG 29Sept22 - Positive customer sentiments.  Tagged positive. No action required.