So right now the R visual has the capabilities to show R visuals. That works great, but there's often the need to show plain-text results from an R script.

The idea then is to show any/all R output into Power BI visual area. This can be especially helpful for troubleshooting and understanding exactly what Power BI is doing with measures in the R script itself.
Needs Votes


This is just a workaround but this solution still does the job until we get this out of the box


I really need this and support this idea. I'm working with forecasts as well as predictive models and need to be able to print results as well as any visualization or grid I am creating for the PowerBI report.

That would be a fantastic possibility,
I need to just show the summary of a regression model!
User select a dependent varaible, it show summary of regression between dependent and other explanatory variable...

support the idea.

This is something I would find incredibly useful and allow me to use Power BI to its fullest

this is necessary to make complete projects within Power BI.

GOSH, this is needed SO badly. When forecasting a graphic is meaningless without its summary.

Badly needed! R Integration is fantastic - seeing results change instantly in R model & viz depending on PBI viz filtering - a great dynamic way to test multiple inputs, speeding up analysis.

But seeing the console output in a visual is still needed to see all the coefficients and model stats etc. Seems like a simple addition as all the hard work done - please bring it on to get R programmers on board!

I am looking for such enhancement (Change the R Visual to show all R output, not just visuals).

Would be great to have this as a simple way to get results of statistical tests.