I have a concerning issue.

I’ve been going through and culling the list of people who have access to my published PBI application. However, when I remove people from the app I get a pop-up that looks like this which seems to indicate that removing their permissions to the “app” does not remove their permissions to the underlying report (and data).

When I go to each underlying report’s permissions, sure enough ALL the work I put into removing people’s access to the app was completely pointless because their access is retained to the report. The user STILL retains permissions to “Read, reshare, and build” to EACH of the reports that are a part of the app. This means that I need to remove permissions from the App, and then (one by one) go and remove permissions from each user for each of the 10 reports that I have in my app???

For clarification, these people (and groups) did not have permissions to the underlying data and reports prior to being given access to the application. So, the tool propagates permissions when you are granting them, but not when you are removing them.

This really needs to be fixed. I will literally spend HOURS removing each individual 1-by-1 from each dataset that is attached to my publushed app. What SHOULD happen, is their removal from the app subsequently removed them from the dataset as well (unless of course they have designated workspace permissions)

See more details and conversation here: https://community.powerbi.com/t5/Issues/ISSUE-Removing-App-permissions-does-not-remove-permissions-to/idc-p/1690830
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To be clear this is not an idea for an improvement, it is a severe design flaw that needs to be fixed.