The Usage Metrics Report is great but it's not currently capturing any usage coming from Teams tabs. Please include usage data from this source.
Needs Votes


I can't believe this idea is still pending. The more we push collaboration inside teams. The more we need this feature. Hoping this feature will not get in stuck in the next 2-3 years.

With the push for MS Teams to become the 'go to' platform from which to access anything one needs, being able to report on power bi report views via team tabs becomes very important!? I'm surprised there aren't more votes here, I wonder if people just don't realise that views via teams tab aren't captured.

During the change management, it's important to understand who use the data in Power BI, so we can properly target the right audience for further training. As we encourage users to access it through teams for ease of access, it's important to understand who access the BI through teams app.

Usage in Teams is important to be included in usage reports.

Sharing within by Teams tab is a convenient way to distribute the reports. It would be great if we could view the usage data here.

This is an important one. For the PBI users which are not the designer/developers of the reports the easiest way to access the report is through teams. However due to this bug we can not measure the usage of the reports since the views from Teams are not taking into account. In order to have accurate data the integration of PBIs views through MTeams is indispensable.