Unchecking "Include in report refresh" is supposed to stop refreshing the query, yet if you reference that query in another query (something you'd do if you wanted to hold a local cache of the static data *not* to be refreshed), it disregards the setting and refreshes it again. Clearly a bug. Please fix.

Here's another mention of this from https://www.thebiccountant.com/2017/01/11/incremental-load-in-powerbi-using-dax-union/: "...unintuitive behaviour of queries which have been set to “Don’t include in Report Refresh”: As a standalone-query, they will behave as expected and not refresh. But once you reference them by a separate query or within an append-operation, they will refresh their results. So beware of this potential trap!..."
Idea Merged with: Exclude a table from refresh in Power BI Service