Create an a connection withrowgh Office 365 Planner and Power Bi.
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10/20/2022 - The planner team have not made any plans to support this for the next 6 months.

I need extract information of the Planner for to generate estadistics.

Create an a connection to integrate Office 365 Planner and Power Bi.

I want to use Microsoft Planner as Data of Power BI.
for publish to web our project status of Planner to Web.

Currently, Power BI Service can publish to Web.
But, Power BI Service cannot connect to Microsoft Planner as Data.

Provide a Microsoft Power BI connector for Microsoft Planner for creating executive views.

Integration Planner x PowerBI x PWA ProjectOnLine

I need to create a activities report by team members from Planner Plans and MSProject schedules. It would be great to have the integration between Planner, Power BI and PWA

This is so needed. Details arent available using powet automate. Odata connector is difficult. Please unlock this data including checklists and other details.

Duplicate of the below idea, vote below instead:

Microsoft Idea (powerbi.com)

This should also be created for Project for the Web

Vote here instead, has more votes and is the same:

Microsoft Idea (powerbi.com)