create multiple apps from same workspace infect from same Dataset without replicating the dataset multiple times.
only option we have now is to update the app and only one app per workspace can be created which a kind of restrict the workspace usability.
If we can create multiple apps share it with different users without creating multiple workspace ... means same dataset no dataset replication, will save the storage as well.
Under Review
Ideas Administrator

Currently we are not planning to allow multiple apps to be published from one workspace. Soon we will allow you to discover and use a dataset across workspaces. Once we have this capability, we believe much of the need for multiple apps per workspace will be addressed.


This feature is definitely needed. I work for a large organisation (10K employees) and we are using Power BI across many business areas. I have 50-60+ reports and growing weekly in 1 workspace and i want to be able to create multiple apps so each business unit can just see reports relevant to either all the organisation or their business area. the list of reports in the one app is getting very long.

Yes, we need it. In this moment, the solution isn't appropiate for a this enterprise level application.
Please add it in your new developments

Unfortunately, this limitation is very frustrating. I have several requirements that require the creation of more than one app from the same workspace. 1 workspace can have several reports with different audiences and I cannot distribute the content properly because of this limitation. Why does Microsoft not implement this feature. It would be of a very high added value.

"Soon we will allow you to discover and use a dataset across workspaces..."

This will not solve the problem!!!

Shared datasets do not address this issue!! There's no reason to not allow 2 or multiple apps per workspace. Is impossible to manage multiple workspaces with multiple duplicated reports.

Please add this!

For us, the idea of multiple apps per workspace is more about curating reports for different user roles than it is about datasets. For example - we have 10 unique reports, 2 of which have sensitive information. Group A should only see the 8 generic reports and Group B can see all 10. Without multiple apps, I have to create 2 workspaces, 1 with the 8 reports for Group A and another that either only contains the 2 additional reports for Group B or containing all 10 (duplicating the 8). This is simply not acceptable for an enterprise level application.

@Administrator, shared dataset will not cut it for us either. We need to leverage deployment pipelines also.

Also agree this would be very helpful!
Scenario - I have a list of reports pointing to several shared datasets.
Report 1, Report 2, Report 3, Report 4 and Report 5 is linked to one app
Report 1, Report 4 and Report 5 is linked to a second app - hence additional workspace, hence multiple publishing instances.

I'm don't agree with marking this comment as Under Review and then stating "Currently we are not planning to allow multiple apps to be published from one workspace. ".

We currently use a data set across multiple workspaces and we have problems in keeping the content and security in-sync between the workspaces. There would be significant advantages being able to create multiple apps from one workspace. Can you review again please and update the Administrator comment?

it will be great and very helpful

Please add it