Create multiple apps from same workspace infect from same Dataset without replicating the dataset multiple times. only option we have now is to update the app and only one app per workspace can be created which a kind of restrict the workspace usability. If we can create multiple apps share it with different users without creating multiple workspace ... means same dataset no dataset replication, will save the storage as well.

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March 2022 update: we plan to have a private preview soon and hopefully release to the public in July


The "Audience" feature in the new app experience is redundant and completely useless. Please allow for multiple apps in a single workspace Thanks


Look forward for an update too


Look forward for an update on when it will be available


It is very disappointing with the new feature as there are lots of bugs. I am wondering why it was postponed to September due to major bugfixing...Please provide updates as soon as possible.


Please make this a possibility!

Users need this flexibility!



I agree with the opinions before. The audience setting is a step in the right direction but we need to create multiple Apps for each workspace to fulfill business requirements.

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It's celar that the requirement is to have "multiple apps in one workspace" and I'm really looking forward for this possibility as it's much needed for various business scenarios. Now we need to come up with some workarounds to fulfill our business needs.

Please give us some update and let us know what is the current status and planned delivery date?



I agree with the other regarding this idea and the realisation:

Having multiple audiences per app is definitely not the same having multiple apps per workspace.

I've got different data product per customer in one workspace.

I would like to create one app per product and specify within it different audiences.

Can this idea be pleased opened up again?

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Lohic Beneyzet


I agree with the remarks other people made - the implementation of the multiple audiences functionality is a step in the right direction, but as such is still limited in scope. Therefore it does not adhere to what is requested in this idea / feature request - being able to have multiple apps per workspace. And therefore in my opinion this feature request should not be closed. In my opinion it is still an important requirement to be able to have multiple apps for a single workspace.


It should be noted that if the planned "solution" to this idea is the multiple audiences per app - that is helpful, and a step in the right direction. However, that is independent from what has been requested and merged in this request. This should not be closed once the audiences feature is out of preview. There will still be a compelling case and need for the creation of multiple apps from a workspace.