Create multiple apps from same workspace infect from same Dataset without replicating the dataset multiple times. only option we have now is to update the app and only one app per workspace can be created which a kind of restrict the workspace usability. If we can create multiple apps share it with different users without creating multiple workspace ... means same dataset no dataset replication, will save the storage as well.

Under Review

March 2021 update: we are actively looking into addressing this particular feedback for apps. Even though is not guaranteed that this particular capability will be available, we are considering all option to allow the app authoring and consumption experience to cover this.


This functionality would solve multiple issues for our business, please give us an update on this.

The last status update of this post was back in March of 2021. What is the current status? Please implement this soon, we'd really benefit from it. Thanks.

Agree with all the comments...This is a must have.

The requirement for multiple apps per workspace keeps coming up internally. We already have an excessive amount of workspaces. Creating more workspaces solely as a workaround for current app limitations is not an acceptable solution.

Any updates on this? Using multiple apps on one workspace with custom security per app would mean a big difference in distrubuting reports over different business entities.
Also this would solve the problem of having to publish reports to multiple workspaces which is a disaster in keeping versions alligned.

Could we have an update on this functionality @Microsoft? This is very much lacking at the moment.

This feature is a must have! I am working for the second company now that faces the problem of being forced to duplicate datasets in order to manage the report visibilty for different user groups. Please implement this.

This is a must have feature when distributing content selectively. Creating multiple workspace just to share content is very inefficient.

This certainly should've been ironed out/released prior to releasing Deployment Pipelines.

We definitely need this