If it is possible please provide the multiple columns sort . For example I want to sort the table visualization based on Priority and severity
Ideas Administrator

This has been implemented for tables as of March 2020: 

Power BI Desktop March 2020 Feature Summary | Microsoft Power BI Blog | Microsoft Power BI

We're well aware, however, that more can be done to improve its discoverability--as well as to extend support for the feature to other visuals (like the matrix). Keep an eye out for future developments! 


This is still needed for non-table visualizations, I need for example to be able to sort a column chart by first major groups then each item in that group alphabetically. Thank you.

isnt this already available?

Please bring to life this feature. It will add to the power of Power BI

Looks like this has been added to Desktop.

Please add this feature. All my report in my project needs custom sorting as we use matrix visual in most of our reports

So needed! A pivot basic in excel, most basic is say Sort by brand and revenue and then drill down sorted by date.

Much needed please. Sorting by months across years is very much needed.

Yes!! Sorting by multiple columns will be very useful

as requested earlier, this should also be a feature for multi-column sorting for matrix visual.

Not to mention that we should have the flexibility to select the sort order of each column as ascending or decending order.

Thank you!