Currently, if you add multiple lines to a line chart, the last element is layered on top. I.e. if you add two measures to the Values-field, the measure at the bottom of the Values-field is layered on top. The same happens if you add a field to the legend, the last legend-element is layered on top. This is both contraintuitive and frustrating, since both tooltip and legend is sorted the other way around. Also, if you have a color-theme, you probably have your main color as the first color and typically need that color to be on top. If you want to achieve this, you put the measure at the bottom of the stack, but that inverts the order of the legend and tooltip. So you have to choose between two evils.. I propose to either: a) align z-ordering across elements (so that legend, tooltip, chart elements, etc are ordered the same way), or b) add functionality for custom z-ordering of visual elements in visualizations
Needs Votes