Hi, I have been looking at the community forums and found others with this problem, but no answers so think it requires a feature request.

Irrespective of whether my date dimension table is custom created by me, or auto loaded, when I add a date hierarchy to a chart and want a user to be able to expand down levels, the X-axis type changes from continuous to categorical, which is undesired.

This is particularly problematic when wanting to combine chart interactivity based on flexible user selections. For example, lets say we want to provide a user with a report that highlights energy consumption by date and by site. A user may want to explore an overview by date first, so expands down from year to month to see the overall monthly trend. Then they want to see how this monthly trend looks by site, so select a specific site from a slicer - however, the site in question has no consumption for specific months. Within the current product, the x-axis defaults to categorical with no option to change this, so it doesn't look like there are gaps in the monthly data (a user would have to pay very close attention to the labelling, so it is easy to get caught out). Although from an analysis perspective, the monthly gaps are important to flag, but don't jump straight out to a user.

Please may you add something into the product that forces the x-axis to stay as continuous when expanding down levels?