Be able to create email subscriptions for the PBIX reports in the Report Server

We’d hoped we’d have a good way to bring this functionality to the server – however, similarly to Export to PDF, after a lengthy evaluation of all the options and required investments, we’re not planning to bring this feature to the server at this time.



one of our customer is looking fo  “Manage Subscriptions” option in Power BI Report Server do we have that subscription option?

This is a very common feature in all the reporting tools to send the reports on mail. Microsoft should look into this and enable the email subscription on report server so that we all should be benefitted. Most of the Power BI users needed this feature in Power BI report server.

Since the feature was able to be implemented in PowerBI cloud, a similar solution could be implemented on Reporting Services. Not all organizations will be moving to the cloud version of PowerBI, and would need to maintain an on-premises version.

Please this is a very good feature to add in the Report Server. We have requests from many users asking the same scenario

This is a realy important feature, please bring this also to the Report Server

Please add this feature so that we can use Email subscription for Power BI reports

We had high hopes of replacing other reporting software with PowerBI and SSRS but this is a deal breaker for us. Please reconsider.

Disappointed again, Microsoft.

Of course, this is just to enforce customers to move to Cloud. “Nothing personal, it's just business” (c)