Add the ability to control the size of the grid in Power BI.

It's great to have snap-to-grid functionality and gridlines in Power BI Desktop. However, I haven't used this feature much because the standard grid size is not useful for my particular reports. I need the ability to change the size of the grid to make it more/less dense depending on my scenario.
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will make much easier to read the data on ppt presentation for my superiors

This is a key feature to have decent/consistent looking reports!

Need this, so annoying that sometimes the grid space changes and you cannot align the report properly.

Please add this

Definitely needed. The standard grid isn't granular enough for the majority of the dashboards and reports that I'm creating.

Additionally, if you expand side bars (Filters, Visualizations, Fields) you may change the snap to grid. The grid should "stick" with the page or report so that edits use the same grid as the original design. And we need to be able to pick a finer grid. Thank you.

Please +1.

Also, why is the default grid shifted to the rights?
Left of the canvas it's nearly a full box and the canvas on the rights ends with a quarter of a box.

Please add this, it would help with aligning rows and columns on tables as well.

Please add this feature. Can be very helpful..

please add this feature