The basic Slicer in power bi already has a search feature. My request is to add a way to select all search results in one click. For example, say I search a text column in the slicer for all values with "ipad" and I get 200+ results returned in the slicer. It would be super helpful if you could select all 200+ results in one click since selecting one-by-one is so tedious.
Needs Votes


if i change the filed data type from text to numeric data type, i have issue with sort order,
data is not sorting to ASC or Dec order

Very, very, very much needed

Such an important feature!

This could make the life of many powerbi'ers really easy!

PLEASE Add this. It's a no brainer

Please add this feature!

A very needed feature!

Needed feature to improve user experience

Please add this feature. quite an important one.

Oh what a tedious thing to search for a value and if it exists on 30 + LOV's, you're expected to select each value individually- its a basic necessity- not a luxury!