The basic Slicer in power bi already has a search feature. My request is to add a way to select all search results in one click. For example, say I search a text column in the slicer for all values with "ipad" and I get 200+ results returned in the slicer. It would be super helpful if you could select all 200+ results in one click since selecting one-by-one is so tedious.
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There needs to be a way that you can hold down the Shift + whatever button to select multiple items (months, accounts, etc.) by selecting the first item and then the last and all the items in between are selected.

At this point I have to hold the shift or ctrl key and select numerous items one by one.

Please add this feature. My users don't like selecting all search results one by one if they get many search results.

I'm asked if this is available very often. Some results require over 100 clicks to select all the search results

please add this, this is needed and should have...

Please add this...... very needed.

this would be incredibly useful for numeric fields - esp pseudo-numeric fields in non-modifiable databases (e.g. "project number" - identifies as numeric, but no one's doing math on it)

As of 10/02/2019 there are 539 votes on this in the multiple times this has been entered. Again, as mentioned, this is an excel people people are used to even in non-pivoted reports.

This is very needed. A feature similar to filters in Excel where you could "add to selection" would be very useful.

Wish this would work like when filtering in excel or maybe with a select all button for the search results!

Much needed feature !