The basic Slicer in power bi already has a search feature. My request is to add a way to select all search results in one click. For example, say I search a text column in the slicer for all values with "ipad" and I get 200+ results returned in the slicer. It would be super helpful if you could select all 200+ results in one click since selecting one-by-one is so tedious.
Needs Votes


This is a very important functionality, it's been 4 years PBI team. What is going on!

It is shocking that this functionality has not been added yet!

Please add this feature, very useful

I fully second this - very critical feature

This is like - fundamental and basic UI 101, please put some focus into this and get this implemented..

What the last guy said. Just a 'Select All' after typing in the slicer (or now Filter pane's basic filtering search box).

power bi dev team, please add select all for search result, how can we individually select each results, so painful

Oh come on Dev team seriously these are important features which should be there and nobody is even looking into it.

This would be a welcome feature. Ideally, it would work like Excel filtering that allows "select all search results").

The function is there in Excel.
Would be ideal if users do not have to click (to select) after having some text to search for.
By default selecting all the search results would make perfect sense. Thanks!