The basic Slicer in power bi already has a search feature. My request is to add a way to select all search results in one click. For example, say I search a text column in the slicer for all values with "ipad" and I get 200+ results returned in the slicer. It would be super helpful if you could select all 200+ results in one click since selecting one-by-one is so tedious.
Needs Votes


What's the point in a search feature when you can't easily select the results?

This is really needed to make proper use of Power BI

Up! Please inlude!

Please add this!

This feature is so much needed indeed! In the meantime, maybe this helps some instead:


In the Tableau it is possible to select all values after searching by holding the Shift button. In the Google Data Studio this feature is implemented by default. Dear developers, why haven’t you yet implemented this feature in Power BI?

Please please add it asap, it's really important in real life situations

Since 2016 and there is no solution, I know MS is doing such great updates and adding nice features, but this is supposed to be a basic feature available as part of MVP-1.
Please deploy this feature.

Can it be added in the next release of Power BI. This is a very important feature that users are looking for.

Possibly with an "add to" or "replace" would be helpful