The basic Slicer in power bi already has a search feature. My request is to add a way to select all search results in one click. For example, say I search a text column in the slicer for all values with "ipad" and I get 200+ results returned in the slicer. It would be super helpful if you could select all 200+ results in one click since selecting one-by-one is so tedious.
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Filter visual 'Select All' is only valid when nothing or everything in the list is visible. Not having it for search results makes it useless in many cases. This causes developers to download slicers from the marketplace only because this feature is absent.

We have select all function before type search keyword, but if we search by some keyword, we cannot select all based on selected result, so wish this function can be turn on will be easy for group selection.

Currently, the "Select All" option disappears in the dropdown slicer when a search value is entered. There should be a possibility to select/deselect all values that fit the search criteria.

Let's suppose I've a lot of data to show as a list in a slicer. After setting a first filter with some letters, I'd like to click on "select all" option to include all the elements found in my search

Allow the dropdown filter to have a search box. Also, allow for all searched items to be selected at once. Essentially a select all button that only selects returned search results.

I would like to have an option in a slicer to first, narrow down the results by entering in the first few letters or numbers, then be able to select all from the narrowed down list.

I would like to add the slicer ability to select automatically all the values found by the search (Ex: all employees that have first name John) oppose to clicking them one by one

Slicer: select all from search results

It would be helpful to have the option to Select All after doing a Search in the slicer.

Need a "Select All" option when using slicer's search functionality (i.e. Selecting everything that meets the text search criteria).
Currently "Select All" only appears when no search has been applied