How's this for an idea #powerbi team: On the splash screen have a 'Current known issues' list with link to additional details so end users like me don't waste hours or days trying to work out if we're dealing with bugs, corrupt files, or our own incompetence.

Couple of cases in point:
Recently my heart sank when I couldn't click on tabs in the ribbon. Not having seen this behaviour before, I was thinking I possibly had a corrupted file on my hands that I would have to spend countless hours rebuilding from scratch.
And yesterday, I wasted precious hours trying to work out why I couldn’t drag grouped visuals around the canvas, or why copying a bunch of grouped visuals was giving me unexpected results. (A bug, that I’m about to submit).
Having access to a list of hot known issues like this right from the splash screen - including remedies/workarounds (such as minimizing then maximizing in this particular instance) – would save a lot of users a lot of angst, swearing, and head-scratching.
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