Data Export from Web Published Reports, Feature has been disabled and we really require this.
Needs Votes


I've been waiting for this feature for 3 years, please add it as soon as possible.

We have been publishing data on to website (this is a government website) using Excel over the years. We thought using power bi would not only enable us to visualize the data but also reduce our burden in having to manually update the Excels sheets each year, only to find in the last step this does not work. It means we have to continue using Excel books and manually updating them on the web, in addition to this visualization.

Agree with the post above if we think the data is confidential, we would not publish it. Of course it would be even better if Microsoft can make a kind of setting available for publisher to use when deciding if a piece of data should or should not be exportable.

thanks heaps!

this feature must required

I agreed that this functionality might be required. If the concern id the data privacy I would say that the report author won't publish to web right?