When you create a PowerBI report in Power BI Desktop it transparently create \ use a git repository. So you just worked normally, then when you hit publish, it actually push to remote.

Gitignore could be used to exclude data from being published to the repository. PowerBI would have version control which is desperately needed.

This would work well with the whole Microsoft buying Github \ Azure DevOps, both from the perspective of promoting good practices such as code version control and CI\CD - process of developing in development and promoting to UAT\production

It would also allow IT to get visibility of code, allow tests to be run - such as moving DAX calculated columns with M

This would also solve the other ideas:





March 2022 update: We are working on this item but no timeline can be shared yet. We appreciate your patience



All of these ideas are good and should have been thought of when Power BI first came out over 10 years ago - definitely needed!


This is long overdue from MS for PowerBI, Databricks sync to GIT from its web UI, its seemless, very little need to delve into GIT itself. The emphasis seems to be on GitHub now.


@admin, can you please merge the following idea into this one as well since this has more votes?



It's pretty telling that this idea only comes up through a Google search - searching "

Git" in the Power BI ideas search box does not show this idea as a result, nor does this idea show as a Top idea even though it clearly has enough votes. Either listen to your users and implement this idea or delete it and stop wasting everyone's time, MS.


@admin, could you please merge all the following ideas into this one? Clearly we need all the votes we can gather here…

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- https://ideas.powerbi.com/ideas/idea/?ideaid=0178709c-a7b9-eb11-89ee-281878de0321


It is crazy and disheartening at the same time to see how the Power BI product team effectively ignores the developer community and only gives half baked solutions to a problem that is so natural to fix in modern software development.

There are other ideas shared on this forum which received less support than this one, but they were managed an awful lot better (communication!) and some of them even delivered… All while this is left in the dark, only for people to cry again about it when they remember how bad this all is.

It is nuts that Microsoft is fine for the community to invent “solutions” like https://github.com/synchrotech/powerbi-source-control which are obviously potentially dangerous and ship features like “Deployment Pipelines” which greatly limit what you can do with a workspace (very very limited for ISVs that have non production workspaces which are general and production workspaces which are client specific!!!).

Microsoft, would you please come to your senses and do something about this? The dataset can already be supported as a bim file (your other tool does it!!!), and I am having a hard time believing you cannot find a way to break down the report pages in something which can at least be read.

Other tools like Looker are stealing the show here since they are code first and there is only so much we can do to retain using Power BI when there are clear competitors out there which are prepared when it comes to DevOps. You are not.


Git support is really important for teams who are working on the same PBix file at the same time. Microsoft needs to focus on this issue


The inability to version PBIX file in source control is a major oversight and a black eye on PowerBI.


When one saves a PBIX file in PowerBi, it would be awesome if it could automatically save a BiM file with the same name as PBIX file. Ideally, this should be an option that only those that want to turn it on, could turn it on.

This would benefit developers who use source control (like GIT), as a BiM file would automatically get created and developers would check it in. This file could also be linted and deployed if one wanted.


Hi Team,

in my former BI Tool, i had the possibility to embed/include external text files - for Power BI Dataflows this would be POWER QUERY Scripts - from sources like github, gitlab or azure dev ops git repositories.

I would love to see this feature in dataflows as this would make a hugh step forward for maintanance of dataflow definitions and collaborative work.

Let me know your thoughts?

Best regards Philipp