AAS recently implemented Calculation Groups with big fanfare.

However any SSAS / AAS Cube that has *any* users using Power BI in Live Connect mode cannot add this feature to their cube. I would be willing to bet this is > 95% of all Microsofts Cube customers.

The problem is that any graphical visual (i.e. not table/matrix/card) will not honour *any* format string (static or dynamic).

This means that any simple measure that shows a % will show as a decimal 0.01 instead of 1%.

This is such a jarring issue for users it means that we cannot use the great new feature because Power BI has only allowed Matrix and Table to honour the Format String as defined in the model

I've contacted the support team and I'm told that the dev team are only expected to start working on this during this summer with no ETA.

A real shame that Microsoft's flagship reporting tool cannot work with Microsoft's flagship OLAP database until then. Our users were looking forward to reducing the number of measures to 0.2 of what they were (sorry, that should be 20%, couldn't resist :) )

This has been fixed.



Hello everyone, this problem has not been solved yet? I have the same problem...


This is still an issue as of 2022-08-03 and should not be marked as completed.


This bug is not fixed and continues to make Calculation Groups unusable. It's been over 2 years...


Marked as completed but defo not working. Add a format string to a calculation group item and watch all your gauges and bar charts lose their percentages. I created an issue here:



This idea has been marked as completed, but this is inaccurate.
1) Custom visuals still do not support custom format strings - as far as I know, the Custom Visuals API do not provide the required information, so this cannot be supported by custom visuals.
2) No all of the native visuals support custom format strings: Ribbon chart (only partially working), Funnel, and Gauge still do not support custom format strings (I didn't test a few of the latest ones, the list of incompatible native visuals might be incomplete).

Clearly, the biggest issue is with the custom visuals.
Please, update the state of the idea to correctly reflect the incomplete status of this implementation.


May I know when it would be fixed? I (and for sure many other people) have been waiting for the fix for nearly 2 years!


Update status pls. The problem is still reproducible


Still no news? I encounter this issue still, using Azure Analysis Services (1500-model).

Its the same story. You introduce a calculationgroup and test it a bit using tables/matrices. You are happy, and deploy it to test, only to discover that all you percantage-measures now show as decimal numbers in bar charts.

Same solution as pointed out: Leave all "Format string expressions" empty ensures that format strings are maintained.


Any further update on this?

This issue has just tripped me up on smart narrative visual (arguably not GA yet), but text based measures no longer show because the addition of calculation groups have caused the all text measure to be of type variant.


Any status on this?