There are a couple of options for live queries
- Azure SQL DB
- Azure SQL DWH
- Oracle
- Terradata

and you can connect live to Analysis Services - but only a model.

I do not unterstand why I cannot create a live query to a random DAX Query / MDX Query. Why is there only the whole model.
And why can I not connect live to DMVS in Analysis Services.

I put a monitoring dashborad together, and for SQL Server I can use all system DMVs from SQL Server and get a "live" view.
Why is this not possible for AAS - but still being possible to connect to a whole model live?
Why canßt I put a DAX / MAX Query like "select * from $system.discover_sessions" into the Query and get that live from AAS.

Since its everywhere said the Analysis Service Connection is possible to be live - make the whole AS DMVs queryable like a model. Just enalbe direct query for an OLEDB Analysis Service Connection.