It would be great to conditional format a table and/or a matrix based on the cell text, not only numbers
2021 Release Wave 2

This month we added the ability to format text fields based off a numeric field: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/power-bi-desktop-may-2018-feature-summary/#conditionalFormatting We also are planning on adding a feature that will let you format your text based on comparisons. I'll update this idea based on our progress on that feature.


This is a basic feature/requirement that should be implemented asap.

It's been year when would this be implemented we need this and more Conditional Formatting options in Power BI. Thanks

Still after so many years conditional formatting/icon formatting based on text in the current cell is not available. Hope you can add this functionality soon

For example in card visualization. If my status is Red, I would like to change background color to red as well to stand out

For example in a table you can apply conditional formatting based on numbers, percentage or sales, but what about if you want to color formatting based on text taht woukd help a lot for non numeric users! Thanks in advance!

Actually it is possible to conditional format text in Power BI although it is not so straightforward. https://exceleratorbi.com.au/conditional-formatting-with-a-text-field-in-power-bi/ But yes, if there is a direct function would certainly save heaps of time trying to manually write a DAX for it.

Desperately need ability to format cell as well as the entire row in the table visual based on text value. i have a table of features with columns Backlog ID, Title, Status, Size, Assigned to. I want to color the entire row based on status. If status = "Done" the row background color becomes Green If status = "In Progress" the row background color becomes Yellow If status = "Dropped" the row background color becomes Orange

Hi PBI Team, this feature is very important to be added! It would greatly impove the visualisation of data in a report.

The text based comparisons would be really useful. Hopefully they will be added soon.

I can't believe it isn't still in Power BI.