It would be great to conditional format a table and/or a matrix based on the cell text, not only numbers
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This month we added the ability to format text fields based off a numeric field: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/blog/power-bi-desktop-may-2018-feature-summary/#conditionalFormatting We also are planning on adding a feature that will let you format your text based on comparisons. I'll update this idea based on our progress on that feature.


The text based comparisons would be really useful. Hopefully they will be added soon.

I can't believe it isn't still in Power BI.

don't forget columns with boolean data type, while implementing this!

please add this.

I would need this for my reports please

This would be helpful!

Please, I need this for a project I'm working on!

any update for this? Thanks

Come on PBI, get this over the line! We need to be able to easily conditional format text like in Excel. IF the value is Yes, the colour text green etc.

Not quite two years since the official Microsoft response... any update?