We have an on-prem version of power bi deployed. We create reports in power bi desktop September 2019 and publish on power bi report server September 2019.
When you open a mobile application and connect to the report server, there are three icons at the bottom of the main report portal: home, favorites, examples.
Then, when you open the report, these buttons disappear and only the back button at the top left remains to go back. The problem is that when you open multi-page reports and navigate through the pages of the report, you will return to the main page of the portal in order to quickly switch to viewing another report by clicking the back button, and you must click it as many times as the number of tabs was viewed. This flaw significantly complicates navigation. I ask you to provide for the display of the home button, favorites, examples on an ongoing basis, regardless of the opening of the report to simplify navigation on the report portal.
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This is crazy that this has not been addressed.

Currently there is no way to switch reports in the Power BI mobile app when pointed at a Report Server. The only options are to:

- Use the back button, which requires you to back your way through every page that you viewed/interacted with in a report (as mentioned by the original poster).
- Exit and relaunch the app - this is a ridiculous way to switch reports, but it is the often easiest/quickest way