If two reports is saved to a workspace with the same name, the first report i overwritten by the second, and this is also the expected behavior.

But if the reports does a live connection to a Power BI dataset, and the second report is connected to a different dataset than the first, there will be two reports with the same name in the PBI service workspace. This is not expected. There are at least two problem connected to this:
1) The sharing configuration done for the first report are not implemented for the second report
2) The URL to the new report will not be the same as for the second report. I.E. Users having saved bookmarks to the first report will not get the updates in the second report

Imaging having revisions on datasets like dataset_V1, dataset_V2 etc and you would like to change to the new version of the dataset. Then you will have a completely new report.

The expected behavior would be that the second report just overwrites the first report even if the connected dataset has been changed
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