Our company uses hierarchies in many of our reports. In testing exporting data from these reports/analyses, even when 'Summarized Data' is selected, the report is exported to Excel/CSV with hierarchies at the lowest level.

For example, a report has a hierarchy of: Classification -> Model -> Stock Number. A user wants to export the report with the hierarchy summarized at Classification. If the user exports the report to Excel, the data is exported down to Stock Number.

For the user to get what they want from this export either:
- The user has to re-create the report in a pivot table in Excel using the exported data
- The user has to maintain personal copies of the report without hierarchies
- The developers have to maintain additional copies of the same report with hierarchies removed

We are testing Power BI with different groups in our corporation and are already receiving a lot of push back specifically because of this lack of functionality. Not having this functionality puts a lot of unnecessary work on the developers and end users, especially in regard to maintenance. It also creates a very messy solution with multiple copies of the same reports (or multiple pages of the same report), which will cause a lot of confusion and has already left a bad first impression with our test groups.
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