Please introduce a global setting to Prevent Teams from creating PowerBi App Workspace automatically when creating a new Team. As the new Workspaces are detached from Teams/Groups this should be a setting to prevent the App Workspaces beeing clotted with empty Workspaces from all our Teams.
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this was shipped in August: Announcing you can now block classic workspace creation | Microsoft Power BI Blog | Microsoft Power BI


Having teams being open for employees to create is great but having TEAMS create a workspace for each team creates confusion for end users finding the correct reporting objects. Would like to see an option in teams to prevent the created of Power BI workspace for teams creation.

This is a newer duplicate of : https://ideas.powerbi.com/ideas/idea/?ideaid=74157a9f-7765-4eb1-830f-61663dc36476

This is seriously irrigating that i see so many workspaces in Power BI :( !

Power Settings Updated on Aug 6th 2020 -
You can enable setting in Power BI> Admin Portal > Tenant settings>
"Block classic workspace creation" and this will stop creating Workspace when Teams app group is created.
Finally !!! this is most awaited (at-least for my company), thank you for listening Microsoft.

The option is now in tenant setting to disable the creation of classic workspaces (which in turn prevents Teams from creating those).

Hey folks, looks like Power BI has finally listened. A feature is planned to be introduced in Oct 2020 for "a Power BI admin portal setting to stop the creation of new classic workspaces, including those automatically created when an Office 365 group is created".

Source : https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-platform-release-plan/2020wave2/power-bi/workspace-v2-migration-all-users

It is impossible to work with Power BI with the number of Workspace created due to MS Team/Microsoft Group...It needs to be fixed ASAP because it is not manageable..what it is the point of the new experience workspace if the classic is still around...we have like 30+
classic workspaces in Power BI now...

Makes the environment messy and harder work to manage. Should be optional

It really needs to be optional at the least.

Only seems to happen if yo are a PowerBi administrator (I believe, still investigating) is causing LOADS of issues though