Deployment pipelines do not currently support Dataflows. In our organisation, we want to carefully govern a particular workspace which will contain the common dataflows which people want to use in many reports (e.g. a dates table, a list of active employees (GDPR permitting, etc).

Deployment pipelines will enable us to put the right governance in place for Dataflows.

Deployment pipelines now supports dataflows as preview.
Please check out the docs- Get started using deployment pipelines, the Power BI Application lifecycle management (ALM) tool - Power BI | Microsoft Docs



We need the ability to have real DTAP for dataflows that have linked entities.

For each stage in my DTAP process I have a pair of ingestion and transform dataflow workspaces. The transform dataflow uses linked entities from the ingestion dataflow workspace. Since the linked entities cannot be edited in the transform dataflow workspace there is no way to parameterize the link. What I'd like is the ability to point the linked entity to the correct version of the ingestion entity. This way, when I promote the code from dev to test, I can change the linked entity via the parameter.

Since the linked entities are incorporated into the JSON file for an entity, if I were to promote a set of changes to the entity dataflow from dev to test by importing the JSON, it would be pointing to the dev version of the ingestion entities.

Ideally, I could create a Power Query parameter that could set up the linked entities to point to the correct ingestion workspace entities based on stage in the DTAP pipeline. Then the code I write in dev could migrate through the process without significant rework and potential for defects from manual changes to the files.


Any update on ETA?



we have had to make the decision to not run with Deployment Pipelines until Dataflows is part of the process.

can anyone give us an ETA on this please so we can at least give the customer some kind of timeline?




When can we expect this to be available?I read here that it is in the backlog: https://community.powerbi.com/t5/Service/Dataflows-are-supported-in-Power-BI-Pipelines/td-p/1173609


Would love to see this. Not having this makes pipelines less useful and more complicated than needed to. A shame, because feeding datasets from multiple dataflows is a great set-up.


Upvote on the need to deploy JSON scripts for Dataflows so that we have true DTAP on the ingestion/transformation phases. We also need support for parameterization of linked entities in DTAP so that when we promote our transformation dataflow which uses linked entities from DEV to TEST, the linked entities switch to the TEST set. I think since everything is placed in the same JSON file, it would overwrite the linkages and set everything to DEV linked entities.


Definitely need this, we can't use pipelines without it - everything is done through DFs in our Org. Thanks


We need this to fully operationalize BI Dev with Dataflows. Otherwise we would need to create a custom way of deploying Dataflows along the development stages, really not favourable!!


I think this issues actually renders pipelines not useable at the moment

I have spent the last few months pushing users to move to dataflows "Power BI introduces dataflows to help organizations unify data from disparate sources and prepare it for modeling"

Everyone understands why dataflows are a good thing and have made an effort to use them.

Now everyone is excited to move to pipelines with their Premium capacity. However I've just found out it doesn't work with dataflows. Ive tried it. You get your unsupported warnings and when you look at your reports in your test environment you cant see anything even after a refresh.

Basically, I dont feel I can now backtrack on telling people that actually dataflows aren't really useable if they want to create Pipelines in their Premium capacity.

I would feel better if someone could say, this is coming in a specified amount of time. I really don't know what to tell people at the moment. they have spent a lot of time following the recommendations of dataflows.