I have two visualisations on a page, both of which have a date x-axis. I want to be able to scroll one of them and have the other scroll in the same way automatically, so the scroll bars are like they are locked together. Is there any way to do this?
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I have two tables that I need to scroll in sync. So easy in excel, yet impossible in PowerBI! Without this, I am struggling to meet the clients requirements, and fear that they will chose to stick with using excel over thePowerBI dashboards.

This functionality required, as it is basic functionality in Qlik

Option to SYNC scroll bar for required objects will good.

I have a requirement where i need to show dynamic Rankings for the measure by which the grid is sorted at that moment.

Having a slicer for measure name list and showing ranking with selected value is one alternative but comes little complex for user. We are trying to add a static rank grid having only one column and making it scroll synced with the main grid which has all the measures. Such that this rank grid will be close to the measure grid and scroll together

This would be very helpful. I really hope this is introduced into PBI soon.

This is a basic in Qlik

Yes, that would be great for Gantt charts. I have the same need, since we can't show milestone dates on the Microsoft Gantt visual.

If this could be implemented I would use it to scroll a data table and a project gantt chart simultaneously.

it is required by my colleague