When using deployment pipelines, we can change parameters for datasets, but not for reports. This since standalone reports doesn't have parameters.

Using deployment pipelines, parameters can be used to change data sources, and this is like as useful when using a live connected report. I.E. we might want to connect to a development dataset in the development phase, and a production dataset in the production phase

Without this possibility, the deployment pipelines will never work as expected
Needs Votes



I strongly back this idea.
Splitting datasets and reports seems to be common good practice. Therefore allowing the dataset binding selection through the pipeline stages is fundamental. Please, if this is put into the roadmap, that you can have bindings across workspaces, hence allowing for a report only pipeline, and a dataset pipeline all with separate workspaces.


We really need the ability to parameterize the data source setting. This will allow us to create a DTAP pipeline for the dataset/data model and separate DTAP pipeline for Reports. Microsoft have stated that the best practice is to separate the dataset from the report, but we are currently unable to use this best practice at Enterprise scale since Deployment Pipelines does not allow for parameterization of the Report to connect to Shared Datasets.