Okay, while the user can click on a single point on a scatter plot and use the CTRL button to select multiple points, it would be cool to be able to use the mouse to select multiple points by "drawing" a "box" around all of the points of interest.

All too often, I'm interested in all points that are in a specific area of the scatter plot and selecting the individual points is both a hassle and tedious.
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We've released this functionality as a preview feature for now. Look forward to its general availability! Power BI Desktop August 2020 Feature Summary | Microsoft Power BI Blog | Microsoft Power BI


I agree with an above poster. I am (trying) to come over from Spotfire, but without this feature I really don't know how I can make the switch. This is such a basic feature; I really can't believe it's not available.

This is a much needed feature not just for XY scatter plot but also for bar chart with a long tail. This along with scroll zoom and hand select tool on the chart would be a huge plus.

After selection, when the size of one of them is modified, all selected objects become the same size.

Lack of this feature put at risk my project which goal is to replace Spotfire with Power BI