Loving the new bookmarking feature, however working within an organisation where Power BI has just been introduced the majority of our dashboards are pinned reports to dashboard level. It would be AMAZING if the bookmarks (linked to images) worked on the dashboard level.

If you can pin an entire report and the interactive visuals work, logic dictates that any image-based bookmarks should also work. Also adding bookmarks to filters would be heaven.

I appreciate that bookmarks are in preview but would welcome any indication of further bookmark developments?
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I'm seconding @Temis's comment. We want to add a report to power apps and have the bookmarks function as they function in Power BI.

I dont imagine how come this feature is missing in Power BI ?? This is pretty standard in other modules such as Spotfire

I've created a dashboard with buttons linked to bookmarks to help users who forget about the drill down / up features on visuals. Having this available to them on a published report would be hugely beneficial.

Once added to the PBI dashboards, the same action should happen when we use the dashboards in D365 model-driven apps.

This would be very helpful. I do not want to give access to the report, the dashboard pages are fine. But without the buttons to bookmarks working, I think I may have to grant access to the report?

This feature would be great a im trying to add a report to powerapps. Having the bookmarks working would save on the requirement of creating more buttons once in powerapps to navigate between report pages

Adding my two cents here, clearing slicers at the dashboard level would greatly reduce the management of the dashboards within my area of responsibility.

This feature would be very helpful!!

Please do add this feature. I echo all comments previously made.

We really need the use of bookmarks on our dashboards for our apps in order to have hidden filters