I'm trying to access a Power BI dataset in Power BI Desktop using a Azure AD B2B guest account but I can only see datasets in my own organization.

As a consultant I often use my own Power BI Pro license to publish reports to customers but it's impossible to access Power BI datasets in customers tenants using Power BI Desktop.

Using Power BI Service I can access Power BI Datasets using my guest account.
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Hello - same here. We do not have Analysis Services and are not likely to purchase any time soon. Frankly, the fact that we cannot see data sets already created by us is annoying at best, and the only workaround of which I am aware is that we have to replicate another version of the data set. this nullifies the benefit of being able to reuse data sets. This need to be fixed. We have struggled with this for over two years.


In the scenario, when a PBI Desktop Report is authored by a B2B Guest, they have to connect to the external tenant's PBI Service Datasets using XMLA over Analysis Services (only option because they can only see their home tenant PBI Datasets when trying to get data from PBI Datasets), the reports work fine until they are published to the external tenant service.
Is there any alternative for B2B Guest Desktop authoring and publishing against existing PBI Datasets in another tenant?


I experience the same problem. The capabilities to create reports are limited for guest users, since they can't use PBI desktop when using a central/golden/decoupled dataset.